Simple Summer Makeup Tutorial 2019

Summer makeup is more about durability and oil control than other seasons. What is the correct step to know about summer makeup? Let’s take a look at this simple summer makeup with everyone!

Summer makeup specific steps

The first step: use the eyebrow pencil to outline the shape along the direction of the arrow, draw the eyebrows on the top, and draw down to the eyebrows. The eyebrow pencil is lightly filled in the two-thirds area of ​​the eyebrow, not too heavy.
Step 2: Use the eyebrow brush to smudge the outline of the eyebrows along the direction of the arrow, then smudge the upper halo, use the eyebrows to comb the eyebrows along the growth direction of the eyebrows, and make the color transition even. Then use the middle color dark color mixture of the three-color eyebrow powder to fill the color, and the lightest color gently transitions to the mountain root area.
Base makeup
The first step: after skin care, choose an oil-control isolation cream instead of sunscreen for the base. In summer, the relationship isolation cream must be light and oil-controlled and have a certain sunscreen strength.
Step 2: Use a foundation with a good concealer and moisturizing effect. Apply a moisturizing sponge to the makeup, so that the makeup is even more uniform, remember the neck and take care of it!
Step 3: use the concealer to cover the unsolved facial problems twice, and use the fingers and batches to smudge the edges of the concealer. After smudge, press the puff to make the makeup more natural. The high-gloss and repair capacity of the three-color repairing disc is used to repair the entire face, and the paste is smudged with a puff.
Step 4: Use a beveled blush brush to take a small amount of blush brush in the eyes and apple muscle area, pay attention not to be too heavy, or it will become monkey ass. Finally, use the large loose powder brush to take the transparent powder makeup loose powder to complete the face makeup, the entire makeup process is completed.


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